Q: Will a membership aid me during my job hunt after Graduation?
♦ SHRM-UTA exposes its members to various opportunities such as attending conferences, field trips, speaker series, networking events, etc., but how you take it forward depends on your zeal and enthusiasm. Currently, 80% of the jobs are found through networking. A student membership provides you not only with an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with HR professionals but also attend numerous seminars and developmental activities we do throughout the year.

Q: I am not majoring in Human Resource Management. How will a membership in SHRM benefit me?

♦ A lot of work we do is not only applicable to HR professionals but to people belonging to all disciplines. For Example: Our seminars such as Interviewing Skills, Resume Critique, Negotiation and Persuasion, Social Networking, Job Hunting, Dressing for Success,etc. or networking sessions such as meet and greet, alumni mixer, faculty-student mixer, etc. are attended by members belonging to different disciplines of work and education. Opportunity is everywhere, waiting to be taken advantage of, it all depends on who initiates and seizes opportunity at that moment.

Q: How much will it cost me?
We have two types of Student Membership Plans:

♦ Membership Plan # 01: $ 35 per annum

          A national membership to the SHRM organization in the United States of to           which SHRM-UTA is affiliated. This plan is beneficial for those who are                 passionate and interested in making a career in Human Resources.                       Benefits include subscription to Echoes Newsletter, HR Magazine & HR               Week Discounts in SHRM Store, eligibility for Scholarships and attending             Annual Conferences. 

Membership Plan # 02: $10 per semester
          This plan is beneficial for those who belong to other majors of Business                 other than Human Resources. 

Q: What are the benefits of joining SHRM  at UT Arlington?
♦ Interesting HR & career-related speakers

♦ Job shadowing

♦Internship Opportunities

♦ Mentoring 

♦ Site visits

♦ Scholarships

♦ Attend professional chapter meetings

♦ Network while participating & volunteering

Q: Any other benefits?
♦ Yes. If attended minimum three Chapter Meetings per semester, assisted in scheduling events, contributed minimum of eight hours per semester to events like Bake Sale. in short "Active Members" get facilitated by a Graduation Honor Cord on Graduation Day that would enhance your Graduation look than others. 

Q: What are the minimum student chapter membership eligibility requirements?
♦ There are no such eligibility requirements.Your INTEREST is all that matters.

Q: Can I join as a member of the Student Chapter if I am not a full-time student or a student from UTA?


Q: What will happen when I graduate as a student member of student chapter?
♦ When you graduate as a student member of SHRM, you student membership will continue until the next renewal date but will not affect your student chapter membership. You can be student chapter member for life at no cost and benefit from the numerous opportunities we have. Though we would love to hear from you when you graduate, so that we can get you "alumni" status in our database.

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